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Crew Management System

  • The new Crew Management System is a web enabled system that gives the authorized staff the ability to access the system from anywhere around the world with internet connection. The new system has been structured and built after a complete study on the existing crew systems and came to include them in one complete well structured system with very important add-on features that made the new system more useful and powerful.

    Front end :

    The front end of the new Online Crew Management System (OCMS) Has been designed upon the latest standards that made it easy to understand and navigate. All the major departments were placed or compound in a toolbar that appears at the top of all the inner pages. Under each department link there is a menu list that contains links for all the functionalities and options that can be made within that department. By that we insure the ease of navigation during the usage of the system. Most of the system usage procedures use the same logic. i.e. in most of the system screens authorized user can add new record by clicking the add link at the bottom of the screen ,edit by clicking the record title or delete by checking the check box in front of the record title then click the delete link at the bottom of the page - See figure (1)

    Back end :

    The suggested back end for OCMS is the evolutionary .Net technology. This technology was selected for its ability to communicate with other systems easily such as the Fleet Watch System that used heavily by the rostering department and the existing pay roll system ,MS-SQL DB 2005 will be used to store the system’s data .

    System security:
    The authorized users will be classified into three user’s types:

    Communication security:

    The communication between the server and the client will be secured by using Secured Socket Layer (SSL).

    The OCMS has five models: