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  • eSolutions is proud to introduce its new product: eSchools.

    It is a database driven web site on the Internet that allows parents and supervisors of each student in the school to monitor them; in addition, they can send and receive feedback to and from the School, On the other hand, the administration department can manage classes, subjects, student and teacher profiles easily, and view a wide variety of detailed statistics. Furthermore, teachers can manage their times and exams by referring to an event reminder that provides them with the events of every class. Teachers can also add or modify the teaching plan of the subjects for a certain class, and add notes about a student or send a note via e-mail to the student’s parents, Moreover, students will be able to manage their timetables and do home works on-line - anytime from anywhere in the world.

    eSchools’ web site will contain personal information, grade reports, attendance report, teachers report, school events and hot points… etc. All of this information will be 100% secure, and only the person with the correct PIN number can access it.

    Finally, this solution gives us the ability to secure the academic future of our children by being with them wherever we are.